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  • Appellation: Central Coast
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Made for BBQ - in the sauce and on the table
  • Juicy fruit, firm structure, big boned and fleshy, a wine for every picnic table
  • Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

Points of Interest:
Varietal: Red Wine
Tasting Notes:
Blended to stand up to big flavors and walk the flavor tightrope between sweetness, spice, smoke, and heat, it offers round ripe fruit flavors wrapped in a smoky spice structure of its own. Think bacon wrapped fresh cherries. Aromatic, it is at once full bodied and well balanced (like a good sauce). 
Occasion: Backyard Barbeque
Bar-B-Que, whether sweet or spicy, smoky, slathered with sauce, or dry rubbed, it requires a special kind of wine.
One that complements and frames the meal, (and may even be an ingredient in the marinade) without taking center stage. Our wine is blended to offer just such a perfect foil. Enough fruit flavor to carry the spice, enough acidity to carry the sugar and smoke, enough body to stand up to the full flavors of the grill. This is an unassuming supporting actor for one of America’s great culinary traditions, and as such does not need a name. BBQ after all, is about the food.